Reiley's Sampler                $10.95                            Soft Pretzels                 $6.50

    Nacho Supreme                  $10.95                           Mozzarella Wedges       $6.50 

    Mini Stromboli                   $8.95                             Asian Dumpling             $7.95

    Onion Rings                        $5.50                             French Fries                  $3.95      

    Buffalo Shrimp 5pc- $7.50 10pc- $13.95               Chicken Quesadilla       $9.95


                              Buffalo Wings   8 pc.  $8.95  or  20 pc.  $19.95

                                                Boneless Wings 8pc.  $6.95

                     flavors:   Hot, Mild, Hot n Honey, BBQ, Honey Mustard,

                                           Aussie, Garlic Parm or Garlic Herb

                                                  blue cheese and celery .80 

Soups-  French Onion Crock- $5.95                            Cup/ Bowl Soup of the Day 

Salads- Garden Salad   $4.50

              Grilled Chicken Salad   $10.95

              Buffalo Chicken Salad   $10.95

              Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad   $12.95


              Reiley's Specialty:   Hand carved Roast Beef Sandwich     $9.95

               8 oz Grilled Burgers:     Rancho                      $9.95

                                                       Mushroom Swiss     $10.95

                                                       Bacon Bleu               $10.95


          Chicken Popeye Sand. Chicken Cheesesteak with Spinach and Garlic, served with chips & pickle 10.95

             Guinness Cheddar Patty Melt all beef burger topped with Guinness onions and cheddar on grilled rye served                with chips & pickle                                                                                                                                           10.95

               Cheesesteak -thinly sliced steak meat, your choice of cheese served on a long roll with chips & pickle  9.95

          Chicken Cordon Bleu - grilled chicken breast with ham & melted swiss on a Kaiser with a side of honey

                mustard served with chips & pickle                                                                                                                  9.95 


 wraps:     $9.50   


                   Chicken Ranch Wrap                                    Buffalo Chicken Wrap

                   Smokey BBQ  Chicken                                   Beef and Cheddar

                    Veggie                                                          all served with chips and pickles 


                Fish  and  Chips    $13.95                    Chicken Fingers and Fries    $10.95

                                                Breaded  Shrimp  and Fries    $13.95


      Half Rack Ribs: Tender baby back pork ribs served with fries and slaw    15.95

        Rib & Wing Combo: 1/2 rack and 5 wings any flavor with fries and slaw  20.95

        12 oz NY Strip: served with fries or rice and slaw                                        21.95

        Chicken Fajitas: sliced grilled chicken, peppers, onions, lettuce, tomato and cheddar        cheese, flour tortillas sour cream and salsa                                                  14.95

          Hot Roast Beef Platter- roast beef sliced thin and piled on top of toast with lots of            gravy on top served with fries and slaw                                                          14.95


  KIDS   MENU    -  $5.95

       Hamburger,  Cheeseburger,  Grilled cheese,   2pc. Chicken fingers

                                           served with fries or applesauce